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“Encyclopedic in scope, this book is a craft-beer lover’s dream, with details about more than 800 breweries and 1,000 beers from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.” – The Tampa Tribune


“This is the kind of book to drink a beer over. The photography is top-notch, particularly the hundreds of bottle labels reproduced in high quality throughout. Verdict: Recommended to budding craft beer enthusiasts seeking a broader…understanding of world beer culture delivered in package that’s easy on the eyes.” – Library Journal


This is a great book for anyone who enjoys craft beer. The beginning of the book provides a history of beer and the craft beer revolution as well as an explanation of the brewing process. It also explains different beer styles and flavor pairings and explains how to pour and taste beer for ultimate enjoyment. The majority of the book lists breweries around the world as well as some of the beers they’re known for. As you would expect with a DK book the write-ups are top notch and the photographs are outstanding. This hefty coffee table book would make an excellent addition to any beer drinker’s library.

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DK Publishing does not disappoint with “World Beer”. The content, however, is even more compelling. As a Diplom Bier Sommelier, German Beer is my area of expertise and the chapter on Germany drew my immediate attention. Most beer books discuss the major German breweries and their offerings in detail. World Beer, however, sifts through the “noise” of the big brew houses and focuses instead on the smaller tier of producers who are making some very special beers. Seeing Camba Bavaria, Schönram, Riegele, and Pyraser profiled next to the more famous Schlenkerla, Schneider, and Ürige made me take notice that this isn’t just another beer atlas with pretty pictures. In some ways this book could better be called “World Craft Beer,” but it also discusses some, but not all, of the larger producers who would not fit into the “Craft” category.

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