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When I had a car which was mechanical rather than electronic, my Haynes Manuals were essential companions.

With one I was able to change an engine on my much-loved Ford 105E and another helped me keep a knackered Triumph Acclaim on the road, way past its scrap by date.

And it wasn’t until I was commissioned to write the Haynes Beer Manual, that I truly realised how iconic the Haynes name is to so many people.

So the Beer Manual is my humble attempt to apply the unique Haynes Manual practical treatment to the world of beer and introduce people to the wonderful range of beers and the drink’s rich social past, which is entwined throughout our history and culture.

Case studies chart the journeys of brewers who have turned the rewarding hobby of home brewing into viable businesses. And I attempted to describe the huge variety of aromas, tastes, colours and strengths that can be created by brewers, whether professionals working for large international brewers or amateur enthusiasts in their kitchens at home.

According to my publishers “this is the essential guide for new and experienced home brewers, and for readers wishing to learn a little more about beer’s journey from the hop fields to the glass.”

I hope people enjoy it.

Beer Manual

The Practical Guide to Beer and Brewing

Published by Haynes

ISBN: 9780857331304

RRP: £21.99



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November 30, 2013 at 4:28 pm

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