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Alcohol releases the beast in religious people

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Can this be so? New research reveals that people with higher levels of spirituality and religiousness are significantly more likely than their less religious counterparts to become aggressive and violent when drunk.
In fact, the American boffins found a close response between religious views, drinking too much and aggression.
The men and no doubt women in white coats found that the stronger the individual’s views about religion and spirituality were, the higher the hostility and aggression they exhibited while drinking.
According to the top brainbox, Professor Peter Giancola of University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences the research’s findings suggest that people are more likely to oversimplify when their under the influence of alcohol.
“Oversimplifying – in many cases the more religious someone is, the more aggressive they will become after drinking alcohol,” said Giancola.
The study involved 520 people between the ages of 21 and 35. All participants were from the central Kentucky region.
Researcher randomly distributed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks after participants were surveyed about their spiritual beliefs.
Results from the study indicated that violence decreased as spirituality increased in persons who received the non-alcohol beverage.
However, quite unexpectedly, violence actually increased as spirituality increased in persons who received the alcohol beverage.
While the study showed that alcohol released the beast within in highly religious and conservative people, researchers have no idea why it happens.
These counter-intuitive findings clearly require replication, Giancola said, however, they indicate that alcohol “releases the beast within” in highly spiritual persons, though the reasons for this still remain unknown.
Perhaps some people shouldn’t drink to this.


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August 24, 2014 at 7:12 pm

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