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Hops to it – US brewers cry our for English hops

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Beer drinkers on both sides of the Atlantic will soon be enjoying more beers made with British hops.

The decisive factor in this development is the astonishing fact that although the US craft beer segment accounts for only one per cent of world beer production, it requires more than 10 per cent of the world hop crop for it.

And this is good news for England’s hop growers as half their harvest will be heading for the US.

Even better news is that England’s hop growers are celebrating a bumper harvest and are determined to show that the flavours in British hops are a match for any of “flavour” hops grown in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

And the British Hop Association (BHA) hopes drinkers rather than raving about the attributes of US hops such as Chinook or Citra will soon be talking about UK varieties Endeavour, UK Cascade and Admiral.

BHA spokeswoman and a hop grower Ali Capper said: “British craft brewers often rave about new world American and New Zealand hops.

“American and New Zealand craft brewers are starting to rave about British Hops. These overseas brewers are now seeking delicate, complex hop aromas to create drinkable session beers.

“And it is the unique terroir of British Hops with lower levels of myrcene that makes British Hops the perfect hop to brew a drinkable session beer.

“All British Hops share the same wonderful terroir– great soils and a unique mild maritime climate with even rainfall throughout the year.

“British Hops use the natural resources available, which means that very few hops are irrigated. It is this special and sustainable terroir that produces British hops delicate and complex aromas and makes them perfect for brewing the best session beers in the world.”

This year 50 per cent of the harvest will be exported to the US. Says the BHA.

Fresh, green, plump and full of citrus zest, fresh green hops.

Fresh, green, plump and full of citrus zest, fresh green hops.


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