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Brussels Beer Challenge – still time for British brewers to enter

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Brussels Beer Challenge

The Brussels Beer Challenge (BBC) is now in its 3rd year and it looks set to establish itself as one of the most important beer competitions in the world.

And it would be great if more British brewers keen on developing their export trade entered the competition.

Brewers from Belgium, US and Germany all recognise the value to their businesses of entering the competition and winning a medal in one of the categories.

And brewers from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, USA, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Monaco, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic are all sending beers to the competition.

One of the BBC organisers said: “This professional beer competition is a unique opportunity for all beer producers to compete with the best international and Belgian brewers.

“Award-winning beers from The Brussels Beer Challenge benefit from media exposure and international recognition.”

After Brussels (in 2012) and Liege (in 2013) this international event will take place in Leuven, one of Belgium famed beer cities.

During two days a tasting panel of 60 international renowned beer connoisseurs will taste 750 beers from all over the world.

The beers will be tasted during two mornings and split into eight categories: Pale-Ale, Dark-Ale, Red Ale, Lager, Stout/Porter, Wheat, Flavoured beer, Speciality beer

And in addition there are 50 sub-categories including Lambics, Abbey beers and chocolate beers.

The participating beers are divided into categories based on style and then evaluated. At the end of the two tasting days, the best beers, in each category, will be awarded a gold, silver or bronze award.

The Brussels Beer Challenge will take place from the 31st October to 2nd November 2014, with the award winning beers being presented to the public on the last day of the competition.

The Brussels Beer Challenge will take place from the 31 October to 2 November 2014.

For more information go to www.Brusselsbeerchallenge.com or visit the BBC’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/brusselsbeerchallenge

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